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The Principle Approach

The Principle Approach


The Principle Approach is an effort to restore the American Christians’ three vital concepts: 1) the knowledge of our Christian history, 2) an understanding of our role in the spread of Christianity, and 3) the ability to live according to the Biblical principles upon which our country was founded. This approach emphasizes seven Biblical principles which are as follows: 1) Individuality, 2) Self-government, 3) Christian character, 4) “Conscience is the most sacred of property”, 5) the Christian form of government, 6) How the seed of local self-government is planted, and 7) the Christian principle of American political union. Each school subject is studied in the light of how these principles apply. The Principle Approach applies the 4R’s to all subjects: researching, reasoning, relating, and recording. This approach is a close cousin to the Classical Approach.


  • Students learn to think “governmentally”

  • Students become self-learners

  • Students learn to apply Biblical principles to all of life


  • Focuses mainly on a narrow portion of history

  • Requires a great deal of teacher preparation

  • A prepared curriculum is available only in selected subjects

  • Tends to prepare students for entrepreneurships, not a professional career. 


  • A Guide to American Christian Education for the Home and School: The Principle Approach by James B. Rose

  • Books by Douglas Phillips and Vision Forum